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About Blue Earth Agency

Blue Earth Agency is a quickly growing, high quality, results-driven marketing and advertising agency serving start-ups, small-businesses, coaches, and entrepreneurs. We have successfully brought together a highly experienced team of marketing experts devoted to leveraging the most effective and current digital marketing solutions to serve our clients competing in the digital space. Blue Earth Agency has developed an autonomous business culture that is committed to excellence, building lasting relationships, and providing a ton of value and truly great results.

It is our sincere pleasure to work with our clients around the earth and help them to grow their dreams and realize their unique goals. Our success as a marketing and advertising agency is tied to the success of our clients and we love helping our clients scale by using creative strategies and solutions at any level of growth. We aim to partner with you to create the success and freedom you desire while giving you the confidence and peace of mind that the marketing and advertising of your business is being handled by a team of experts. We Deliver… More Clients, Customers, Leads, and Sales


Good business is all about building great relationships. We are a relationship-based business first and foremost. We focus on people first and profit second. It is a sincere pleasure to assist our clients to scale and realize their potential.

Results & ROI

We focus on excellence and providing results. We increase rankings, traffic, leads and sales. We grow our clients’ bottom line with results-driven digital marketing solutions. Blue Earth Agency exists to help our clients see the impact that digital marketing can have on their bottom line.


We’re confident in the work we do. There’s no secret, we just work extremely hard for our client’s success. Our clients stay with us because we provide results.


We have been developing our digital marketing skills since 2008 and together we have several decades of combined experience and expertise.

Dedicated to better business and a bright future

Blue Earth Agency was established with legacy at it’s very heart. We believe in the importance of sustainable and ethical business practice as a necessity. We believe in the importance of developing a holistic team of happy, healthy business professionals. We also believe in the importance of taking responsibility for how we choose to conduct our business and our lives, and how we serve and support our clients, communities, and the planet.

Blue Earth Agency is a net-zero business. We strive individually to minimize our environmental impact and be conscious consumers. We also donate 2% of our annual revenue to environmental non-profits to help sustain a healthy Blue Earth and a bright future for all.

  • 1% – Stripe Climate
  • 1% – Natural Resources Defense Council

Blue Earth Agency continues to grow in size and capabilities.

We are scaling fast and will be adding new services in the months to come…


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